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  • Mood: Optimism
I have this sudden urge to write something, though it will (no doubt) turn out to be utter bullshit, as I'm typing without anything in mind here.

Anyways, it's always interesting to read what you wrote later on. You feel as if you were so stupid 'back then'. I had a diary about , what, 5 years ago? My ramblings are so funny, it's a good way to cheer oneself up actually - just read what you wrote when you younger. Oh, the drama I experienced back then. One entry was about anime I was obsessed with - Shaman King. An episode stopped in a very interesting place, where Hao absorbed Yoh (or maybe not, but smth like that) and it was Friday, meaning that I wouldn't see another ep until Monday. Heh, I didn't know how to watch anime online (I was still noob with computers and didn't know what Youtube was), so I rambled in a diary, making wild speculations and even almost (or maybe seriously) crying at the thought of Yoh's death.

Huh, now I'm sure it happened, maybe, 10 years ago.

Anyway, the point is - there's no point to my writing in a journal. I do it for fun, or when depression hits me, or when I want to remember a particular day. It's always awesome to read something you completely forgotten and suddenly remember everything - from emotions experienced, to surroundings when the entry was written.

Now then, this entry is to mark my coming into deviantart oficially, so as to remember it later on and not to leave my profile completely blank and boring. Who would want that, huh?

Actually, I have a few fanfics (HP) I have written some time ago, maybe I'll post them later. Much later, cuz I'm lazy like that... So bite me. Well, I did state in my interests that I like sleeping. Sleep is the thing that makes us, mortals, dream. And dreams lead us to making new ideas, which leads us to expanding our minds and becoming more creative, having bigger imagination.

But I like sleeping cuz it's cool and I don't have to do anything.

I'll stop my ramblings now. If someone read the entire thing, then I must commend that someone on his/hers incredible patience and give abig big HUG! xD



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